ConstantlyCathy’s Catering Debut

4 Apr

I’ve been so busy planning an event for work this week, that I didn’t cook a thing – or blog about it. (My chicken stock is calling my name.) But this week, I did end up playing “caterer” for a work event.  I wish I’d actually cooked something for my catering debut, but it did only take me an hour to assemble this Costco feast.  I can tell you for sure it’s not going to earn me a raise in this economy – but, hey, we all have to start somewhere – and here is my first quasi-“catering” project in a professional environment.


I’m frequently asked to plan an increasingly impactful event (I ordered 22 receptionist-style call bells for each attendee)– on an increasingly shrinking and tightly monitored budget (I did find those bells for half price on the internet). So I decided that in order to stay within my budget, I’d try to save some money on the food by buying our lunch from Costco.  I went to Costco (– Well… Remember that part about how a “willing-to-stir” boyfriend can easily replace an industrial food mixer – he also is incredibly helpful when it comes to running work errands –) Steve and I went to Costco. I’d already bought breakfast for one work event from Costco, and it had gotten rave reviews. However, their breakfast options are limitless, and as it turns out lunch is a little harder.


I originally envisioned buying their turkey roll sandwiches and some brownie bites, nothing too complicated – and I’d pick up a few other items that I would find. But two days before the event, I received a call from an attendee making sure that we would provide vegetarian options — I assured her that we would — since our COO (and the event’s presenter) was also a vegetarian.

I figured there would be a salad, a veggie platter, or at least, some vegetarian options, so I didn’t waver from my original plan to use Costco as our caterer. However, there were not any salads without bacon, shrimp or turkey – except the Caesar. There were no sandwiches without meat, and there were no veggie platters.

I got the sandwiches – no problem – and I ended up buying a multitude of vegetarian options. I grabbed everything I could find without meat and knew I’d find a way to combine them all later: hearts of palm, mozzarella balls, Caesar salad, edamame, and grape tomatoes.  Here is a picture of my solution:


We mixed together a chocolate assortment with the brownie bites. I also grabbed these flowers at Costco (the purple ones didn’t open until the next day, but oh well! They looked fine)


The event was the best one we’ve ever had. The energy in the room was great, and people asked who catered the event.   ConstantlyCathy’s catering had it’s first success.  Next time I’m making mini bagel sandwiches 🙂  So at least we can control the vegetarian options! But the salad really turned out well. It’s a great solution on how to handle Costco’s prepared items.


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