Beeline to the Bakery

21 Apr

Our first stop in Seattle was, undoubtedly, Pike Place Market.  Steve’s nose led him straight into this legitimate hole-in-the-wall Russian bakery, Piroshky Piroshky, which ended up being as much of a draw for us to return to the market every day as the market itself.  These savory and sweet pastries – some filled, some twisted, some rolled-up – can’t really seem to do any wrong. There is an army of Russian-speaking bakers and cashiers behind the counter. They all look very busy.

Piroshky Piroshky

Day 1:

Cathy: “Ok, let’s pick one. (Hm… Savory or Sweet?)  Do you want to try the apple cinnamon one? Or the coffee one?”
Steve: “Both.”

The apple cinnamon is like a cinnamon roll with slices of granny smith apple lining its rolls. We didn’t try all of the pastries, but this was our favorite, and the only one we got twice.

Apple and Cinnamon Piroshky

Here’s Steve tearing apart the coffee one. Yummm. They sure didn’t last very long.

Devouring the Piroshky...

Day 2:

“What? This place doesn’t open until after we have to board our train to Vancouver?? But what will we eat on the train?”

Day 3:

“What? This place is closed for Russian Orthodox Easter??? But…we need you.”

Day 4:

“Success! Breakfast and lunch for the plane!”

Prepping the Piroshkys

On our last day, we got another apple cinnamon roll and an empanada-looking half moon pastry filled with provolone, mushrooms and broccoli.

Cheddar and Chive Piroshky

I never did get to try these cheddar and chive ones. They sure did look amazing…  I can’t imagine going back to Seattle and not stopping here daily. There are too many left to try!

Here is a recipe from Epicurious for Russian potato and cabbage pirozhki’s.  I’ll keep looking around, and maybe try a few recipes out! Let me know if you have one!  I’ll try to see if I can’t use the piroshky dough to create an apple cinnamon roll, too!  (Sara – they aren’t dense!)


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