I’m back…

21 Apr

When Steve bought us some heavily-discounted flights to Seattle, he didn’t realize he signed up for a food tour of the pacific northwest. I was confident Seattle would be a fun trip, and considering that the #1 food blogger in the world hails from nearby Ballard (www.orangette.blogspot.com), I should have had an inkling that I was in for a foodie experience (or 20). I learned a few things while I was there, and I have so much to share. We made a daily voyage to the Pike Place Market (I could not get enough…), and dining ranged from little cafes to fancy restaurants. Check back over the next couple of days, and I promise to delight you with lots of inspiration!

Fiddlehead ferns


Fiddlehead Fern
I was surprised to see this snail-looking veggie at Pike Place Market. I recognized the ramps next to it, but I had never seen these ferns before. The flavor is said to be similar to an artichoke, asparagus, or green bean. I wish I could have bought some to try, but I was already lugging back 3 lbs of Pacific Rose apples with me…  The fiddlehead ferns are in season from April to July, so keep an eye out for them at the market!  Side note: They should be kept wrapped in plastic in the fridge and will only keep for a few days. Oh, and Fiddlehead ferns are a good source of vitamins A and C.

How to cook: Fiddleheads should be washed and the ends trimmed before being briefly cooked by steaming, simmering or sautéing. From what I’ve read, I recommend serving them cooked and not raw. 

Or try this recipe from Gourmet, which looks pretty amazing!!  Steamed Fiddleheads with Horseradish Scallion Sauce

Have you ever tried these?


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