I do love a good nap…

22 Apr

My company just had Mary LoVerde, a speaker on life balance, come into our office for a brief presentation. She made some really important and valuable points. In order to feel balanced and feel good, you have to know how and with whom to make connections in your life. If you’re stressed out, you shouldn’t cancel coffee with your sister on Thursday nights, you should continue that ritual. And if something goes wrong, you have to know with whom you can connect to feel balanced.

I feel like this is such an important topic for all of us right now in this stressful economy. We’re all wearing more hats than we can imagine, working harder and for less money.

Mary talks about how Americans don’t have a ritual of renewal, a daily pause that brings energy back into your day. We don’t have a siesta, and even worse, no one gives us permission to want or need one. She talks about the importance of getting permission from yourself for this daily pause, whatever it may be.

I actually do a pretty good job of taking a daily pause on the weekends (nap queen). And happy hour (which I tend to be the queen of when I’m not too busy training for a 10 mile run…) was also suggested by Mary as a American way to take a daily pause. After our hectic Seattle trip, filled with bike rides and mini-walking-marathons, Steve can attest to the fact that I just about melt down halfway through any day when I need to recharge. We had to stop, take a break, grab some lunch, stare out at the water, and then I was back to being me again.

I don’t need to tell you how important a daily pause is, but it’s interesting to think about all of the things that make your day feel normal. Like, when you wake up in the morning, you might read the paper or eat the same thing every day for breakfast (like me). And if you don’t get to do that, your day might be rushed or hurried, or you might forget more things. Or you might not feel right.

I am going to make a list for myself of the things that I, personally, want to make sure I do on a daily basis, in order to create more balance and feel good. I am also going to try to make a way to remind myself.

Do you have a daily pause ritual?

My sister Sara just sent me these pretty canvases her neighbor makes, which I might use to post my daily affirmations in a visible spot. Take a look!


One Response to “I do love a good nap…”

  1. Aunt Mimi April 22, 2009 at 2:51 pm #

    Hi Cath –

    Thinking about a daily pause – besides the obvious nap, walk, yoga class or trip to the gym – what about a trip to a bakery? Through my neighbor Saebra, I found the most awesome bakery – little hole-in-the-wall near uptown in Minneapolis called “Isles Buns and Coffee” (it’s near Lake of the Isles…). You won’t believe it, but on the counter near the napkins and stuff for your coffee, they have a large deep silver bowl filled with …. (drum roll) FROSTING!! – in case you need some extra to go on your cinnamon bun – or you might have ordered a “puppy tail” which is just a part of a cinnamon bun – or you might just take the coffe cup cover sitting right there and fill it with frosting – no need for a bun every time. AWESOME!!
    (I’ve never been to Seattle – sounds like I will have to go…)
    Love, Aunt Mimi

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