Daily bread and Water (or if you’re in Seattle, coffee)

25 Apr

Mimi suggests: why couldn’t a part of your daily ritual involve going to a bakery? I completely agree. I think this is what my life has been missing in DC! Chinatown has no good bakeries, and in fact, there aren’t many “bakeries” in DC that aren’t chains, and most of them, I tend to think twice before even buying their bread (sad). Seattle seems to have an abundance of chill places to spend your morning, bread or no bread. Maybe that’s why I liked it so much?

Day 1: Seattle Coffee Works

As you may have already read, we ate our first breakfast at the Pike Place Market, but we took a morning pause at the Seattle Coffee Works just a block away.  We played on their internet, buying our train tickets to Vancouver, and just relaxed for a while over a cup of coffee and a chai tea latte. There was no rush. We were so relaxed we weren’t hurrying out the door to find our next tourist destination, and it was amazing. Steve kept wanting to go back to the same place, but I encouraged us to try a few more.


Day 2: Starbucks

On our second day, we did miss out on our daily piroshky, but while we were in Seattle, I mean really, we had to have Starbucks at least once. On our way to the train station, I almost bought a $165 chai tea latte (whoops  – we didn’t realize how late we were!)  When I think back on this particular moment, Starbucks seemed like nothing spectacular. Steve got a donut. No real experience to boot here. And I guess, certainly no time to relax!


At the end of our day in Vancouver, we stopped at a restaurant called Chill Winston to grab some food to go. The name seems fitting, so I think I should mention it.  It was a cool, relaxed place. We enjoyed a happy hour beer at the bar and grabbed the provided balsa wood recyclable sporks for our food for the road.


Day 3: Local Color

We again missed out on piroshkys, but we tried out a coffee shop in the market called Local Color. They have highboys in the front of the cafe, and big leather couches in the back. We tried out both areas while we were there. We purchased some flights to Chicago for next weekend, sampled their pastries, and found a nearby bike rental spot to fulfill our afternoon bike riding wish.

Day 4: Macrina’s

This place is the coffee shop that dreams are made of. The award-winning pastries and breads, alongside coffees and teas, this place feels like your best friend’s living room.

the line at macrina

We tried the nutella brioche, and I was able to get my favorite breakfast, yogurt, fruit and granola, while we just relaxed and did a crossword puzzle for an hour.

nutella brioche

This place is going to be a major inspiration for me in many days to come. I bought the Macrina’s cookbook, and boy, do I plan to use it! I already read the whole first half on our plane back to DC. I can hardly wait to start baking their bread everyday…


During my lunch break yesterday at work, I mentioned to my co-worker how much I would love to own a place just like this one day. She offered to be a waitress. Another eavesdropping co-worker said he’d be the barista. And just like that, I have a staff!  Where do we sign?


Now if only we can find a place this good in DC. I’ll keep you posted!  Or else I’ll forward you my business plan 🙂


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