So I thought I didn’t like truffle oil…

25 Apr

Elliott Bay Cafe

I was wrong. This salad at Elliott Bay Cafe (EBC) in Seattle was to die for.  (Gosh – don’t you just want to eat my foodtography?  …ahem)

Local Pears

Local Pears half $5.50 • whole $7.50
Local organic pears, white truffle oil, arugula, reggiano and pinenuts.

It was so fresh, light, yet surprisingly filling and so satisfying. I want to eat the picture. The whole combination with the pears, the arugula and the pine nuts, with the incredible dressing, was so good.

I was also eyeing Steve’s amazing chili verde:

elliot bay cafe chili verde

It was warm, but light and refreshing, as well.   I would have stolen half of it if I hadn’t been fixated on devouring my salad.

Caroline told us that the Elliott Bay Cafe used to be mostly vegan, and dark, with a completely different feel. She was a little uncertain at suggesting it, but we were all happy as clams. The food was really tasty, and we lucked out!  I would definitely go back to this cafe on another trip to Seattle.


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