What would you do for homemade bread?

23 Jun

The results are in… I left it at home with Steve! Check out my bread baby instruction packet. At least he doesn’t have to take it for walks or anything:
bread baby instructions


Would you “feed” a bread starter “baby” everyday for 2 weeks and once a day for as long as you’d like if it meant that one day soon, you could have really incredible homemade bread like you’ve never made before? Bread that you could make every day, and share with your family and friends? All kinds of bread?

Would you take in your girlfriend’s bread starter baby and feed it everyday while she is on vacation?

Would you take your bread starter with you on vacation, first in your suitcase on a plane to Kansas City, then in a car for 12 hours on a drive to Colorado, and finally back into your suitcase on a plane back to DC, all for the sake of homemade bread?

I started out on this journey, intending to “see how this would go.” I didn’t know I’d fall in love with my new pet/baby/whatever you want to call it, and I didn’t realize it was a two week investment…  but I don’t want to give up now.  How far am I willing to go to have homemade bread?


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