Eggs aren’t near the trash bags? Man…

14 Jul

All out ofIf you’ve ever made a major trip to the grocery store, you can understand how frustrating it is to have an unorganized list with eggs hidden somewhere between trash bags and green onions.  You have to constantly check your list to make sure you haven’t skipped over something.

You may need the “All Out of” pad. I came across this amazing little tool thanks to my friend, Lisa. You stick it to your fridge, and you mark off things as they disappear from your fridge or pantry. Or, use it to prepare yourself for a big trip.

It miraculously organizes the list for you into sections you would find in the grocery store, keeping you from hectic and painful grocery shopping experiences. You tear a sheet off before you head out the door, and you’re set. And it automatically resets for your next trip!

It’s made by those incredibly witty and amusing people at Knock Knock. I love all of their products. I love gifting them, I love using them, and I love just picking them up in the store to see what silly thing they’ve come up with now (like the animal nose cups we had at Halloween!!).

knock knock animal nose cups

Oh, and it’s only $7.50. You can grab it at Anthopologie and Urban Outfitters, or buy it online on their site.

Sorry for the shameless plug, but I love this thing. If it could help make your grocery experiences as pleasant as it has made mine, then so be it.


One Response to “Eggs aren’t near the trash bags? Man…”

  1. Jingle November 5, 2009 at 1:01 pm #

    Hey Catherine! It’s Kitty Elkins! I love this idea and just ordered some!!! Also I love your blog! I am attempting to learn how to cook so I always pop by your blog to find cooking inspiration!

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