Anthony’s Table: Snow Day BLT

20 Jan

Photo submitted by Anthony in Kansas City, which got 5 inches of snow overnight.

Home from work to share a “sandy” with his snow-day clan; the BLT looked so good, his wife had to have one, too.


Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken (Made with Tofu)

20 Jan

Recipe from Rasa Malaysia.

Note: The caramel sauce is what really makes the tofu or chicken incredible. I acheived it quickly the first time I made this recipe, and I perservered through four attempts last night. It’s well worth any extra effort.

Crock-Pot Minestrone

18 Jan

Recipe from Crock-Pot Cookbook and Owner’s Manual:

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Tempeh Chili

13 Jan

Recipe from Epicurious.

Note: Tempeh acts as a surprisingly delicious alternative to ground beef. In general, I followed the overall recipe above to understand when and how to add the tempeh, but in reality, I made my usual favorite chili recipe substituting the ground beef with tempeh.

Tomato Soup

11 Jan

Recipe from Michael Chiarello on Food Network.

Note: My only complaint would be that I doubled the recipe and there still wasn’t enough.

Everyday Granola

5 Jan

Recipe from Bon Appetit.

Note: You can add a little vanilla along with the wet ingredients. Substitute nuts and berries as desired.

Coconut Cookies

3 Jan

Notes: I bought my coconut and barley flour online at Bob’s Redmill, but I’m sure you could try to find it locally.

This recipe is from the book, Good to the Grain, and they were very quick and fun to make. As you will note, there is no all purpose flour, but plenty of fat and sugar.

Coconut cookies

These pretty, rounded cookies have shreds of crunchy coconut on the outside and a soft, cakey interior. They’re made from barley flour and coconut flour only – there isn’t any all-purpose flour in the recipe, although you’d never know it from the light crumb. Continue reading